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Check the checks

The is one of our bespoke jackets made with Cerruti's Oxygen Collection (44% Wool & 56% Silk) by one single tailor from top to toe.

Fully handmade, full canvased, with hand stitched button holes and Milanese button hole, pick stitches and red indication threads all over front panel to outline details.

All checks are perfectly symmetrical throughout the jacket.

The combination of luxury fabric and astonishing tailoring skills is heaven-sent piece of art.

Style is the exterior. Craftsmanship is the interior.

Work of Art

As much as we believe in heritage, we believe in the ideals of slow fashion.ย Our grand bespoke garments are done by our skilled artisans by hand and their traditional craftsmanship. Every piece is a work of art. We wish the well-made piece you get from us can become an heirloom.

No one Jacket is the Same

The image above is a piece of full canvased left front panel of jacket. Each component is cut and sewn by the same tailor in a room with specific temperature and humidity. To complete a jacket, it can easily take up to 50 working hours, and production can be delayed in rainy days, as it will take longer for the front panel to undergo preshrink process.

Grand Bespoke Suit

Sophisticated, refined, gentle, 100% handmade to fit your taste and shape. This is everything you want to find in a suit.

Natural Lapel Roll

What makes our bespoke jacket so special besides all the detail and craftsmanship is the look of it. The natural lapel roll is the result of hours and hours of ironing, pressing and pulling. This traditional skill is the only way to create a natural 3D look of the lapel and will last for the rest of the product cycle .

Grand Bespoke Jacket

Napoli Waistband

Our bespoke pants come with a specially designed Napoli Waistband,. It is fully handmade with pick stitches around all seams, split yoke design at back centre, and a cigar pocket next to right front pocket.

Grand Bespoke Pants

Swallow Collar

As known as one-piece collar, it is a sophisticated way of making shirts. Our bespoke shirts are made from a single piece of fabric from body to collar, with a natural collar roll nicely echoing with our bespoke jackets.

Grand Bespoke Shirts


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