Mr. Hayman Chan

We create not only garments, but also values and memories. Born and raised in a tailor family, fine clothing has always been in my genes.
In order to create quality garments, I have spent my early career in workshop, mastering measurements, styles and fabric behavior.

After witnessing and listening to thousands of stories from elder generations, and of course driven by my own passion, I have decided to create my own tailoring brand.

The brand equals all our hard work and beliefs, and with all the heart and soul where I have poured in it, it has become as tasteful, and delightful as a bottle of fine wine. 

Sunset industry


When I returned from the UK, the tailoring industry is shrinking. Young people and the working class had shifted their way to fast fashion and ready wear out of convenience, low price and trends. The city was slowing becoming soulless, which breaks my heart.

To me, tailoring has always been dear. I believe that everything, and thus the fashion industry, has a cycle, and I really wanted to do good in the cycle.

At that time, I received my calling to revive the tailoring industry. I believed merging technology and management with our craftsmanship is the future. Shortening lead time, increasing efficiency, and minimising fitting and style uncertainty is our way out.

Having my family’s story in mind, I knew it was important to invest time to learn the basics in operating a brand in order to know the problem and create solutions.

Time Will Tell


Good things take time, as Rome wasn't built in a day. So as our brand— It has taken us nearly a century to create this brand that has everything we wished for.

Each of our showcased has been carefully designed and crafted upon our client's needs.

We hope to give everything to our customers perfectly.
In our brand, what you will find is more than beautiful garments and accessories, but also product made and create with a purpose, to make sure we minimise pollution and carbon footprint on Earth, our dear home.

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