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To maintain a suit, we would always suggest to purchase an extra pair of pants, as trousers will wear off quicker compare to jacket. We would suggest to bring trousers to dry clean after every 5-7 times ,and jacket after 20-25 times depending on condition. Do NOT wash with water as canvas is extremely sensitive to moisture, and do not iron with over 50 degrees or directly onto fabric, always place fabric in between during pressing.

To prevent your suit from dust and shoulder deform. We would suggest our client to purchase our special design suit hanger especially developed to hang suit (including trousers), shoulder area has been modify to copy human shoulder to make sure it sits naturally even when we are not wearing it. We would also suggest to purchase our multi function suit bag to prevent any dust or dirt, from anywhere and anytime.

All shirts can be hand wash with warm water and hang dry. We would suggest to wash shirt every 1-2 times. Gently iron shirt during press with heat no higher than 40 degrees. For cuff and collar, you may pull back and forth to rotate during pressing to make sure curve is nice and smooth.


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