Natural Fibre only

World class garment would not be completed without top class fabric. All fabric we use are 100% natural, organic and degradable. Each season we receive different swatches from suppliers across the globe. Our wool fabric are mainly imported from Australia, Italy and England, and shirt fabric comes from India, Turkey and China. Only the best will be selected for our listed samples to make sure we can demonstrate fine tailoring and as well be modern.

Suit Fabirc

100% Wool is our most favourite fabric to produce top quality garments. However we also use different fabric for different seasons, occasions and functions, such as linen, silk, cashmere and vicuna.

It feels so precious

Bemberg Lining

Is the only lining we use within our products, below are the reasons why:

- Bemberg is the brand name for cupro, which is regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton.

- Bemberg does not have the non-uniformity of thickness found with natural fiber, and it is very fine and has an almost round cross section.

-Bemberg is biodegradable when buried. For example, in summer conditions (temperature 35ยฐC, humidity 80%), the weight of the material decreases by one half in nearly two months. The fiber is decomposed by living organisms and returns to the soil.

Shirt Fabric

Cotton is our go to raw material when it comes to shirt- there is no better option for a decent daily dress shirt. We also have options for more casual and leisure looks, such as linen, denim and silk. All fabric comes in a wide range of colour and pattern to ensure we satisfy each and every single customer.

Scotland's Cup of Friendship

The Quaich

Each season, we meet with representatives from each cloth merchant. In this lovely picture, we have Lindsay Taylor (Global Sales Director from Holland and Sherry) visiting us in Hong Kong, to make sure we have the latest, finest and rarest collection within the industry to showcase our value customers.

Unlimited Options

Our Inventory

We consistently stock over 1500 pieces of suit fabric and 3000 shirt fabrics, in total over 150,000 yard of pure wool and cotton. Which means it is almost impossible to showcase all within our online platform. If you are looking for something out of the online menu, please contact us. We will make sure your request will be fulfilled.


Degradable and Natural Fabrics Only

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