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Our production

The Evolution

With bespoke tailoring spirit deeply embedded in our brand, our focus has always been in product details, user ergonomics and being ahead of the trend. All garments are made to order, such that they are in the most accurate measurements to make sure minimal wastage.

Verified Tailors

Each production staff has trained and passed a series of examination before participating any production activity. From paper pattern, sewing and stitching, to quality control department, each stage is bounded together with high synergy to create flawless products.

Art of Management

Due to the complex production procedure of our garments (with well over 200 stages per garment), we know the only proper way to scale is to enlarge our own production line.

Since we have our own production line, each product is able to have its own unique paper pattern. It also means each client can have their own specific size documented with us. Reordering will be as simple as a click. ย 

Research and Development

To achieve our goal, unlike most retail brands spending high percentage of their R&D cost into shop expansion and decoration, we spend ours into production. Also by starting our brand online, we ensure more resources go into the quality of production and service.ย 

All of our product lines are traceable, and we ensure all staff works in a pleasant and fair environment with limited time per day, with insurance and company benefits.


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