Our Heritage

Story of Three Generations

The OG

Our family story is one starting from the grassroots. It contains hope, passion, persistence and vision.
We firmly believe in the philosophy of giving and taking, and that everything comes in cycles.
We want the garments we create with our sweat and soul to leave the world a better place, so we make sure we only produce top quality products with a sustainable mindset.

Former chairman of the Hong Kong Tailor Association from 2007-2013

Mr. Chan chi San



Back in the days of war, guns and fire, Mr. Chan Chi San and his parents were forced to leave their hometown Guang Dong Province, and walked their way to Hong Kong, just hoping to survive. They came to Hong Kong with barely anything in their pocket. What Mr. Chan did not realise was, a good pair of hands was what all he needed.

Home Base


Dedicated countless hours and sleepless nights into the study of tailoring, Mr. Chan Chi San has finally mastered his tailoring skills and established his first workshop in Central, Hong Kong, where he met his love of his life. Hong Kong had become the home for his family and business.

Milestone 50


Is a very special year for us, not only we celebrate Mr. Chan Chi San workshop's 5th anniversary. In the same Mr. Chan Chi San was nominated as the Chairman of the Hong Kong Tailor Association by his fellow same trade.

Forever Honor


When Mr. Chan Chi San thought he already had his dream life, there's one last snowball draw price awaiting him.
In every two years, members from the World Federation of Master Tailors vote for a representative candidate for each country. As one of the most iconic representative, there is no surprise Mr. Chan Chi San is one of their favourites.
After a long process of voting, the Life Achievement Award goes to: Mr. Chan Chi San.

From local to international

The Explorer

With advancement in technology and transportation in the 60's, Mr. Chan Chi San’s son, Mr. Andy Chan, had brought our story from local to global. With his knowledge in craftsmanship from early age, there is no surprise our products and services had been continuously improving.

Chairman of the Hong Kong Tailor Association from 2015 - Present

Mr. Andy Chan


The image on the right was Mr. Andy Chan's first experience in the Hong Kong Tailor Association's annual banquet. At that moment, he still didn’t know what would be in the next pages of his life. (Life is like a box of chocolate!)



In this year, Mr. Andy Chan took his first step away from his comfort zone and ventured to the land where he had never been to, the USA.
In the 80’s, flight traveling was an extremely luxurious experience. As for Mr. Andy Chan, it was the biggest bet in his life so far. He had spent most of his savings for this trip, hoping a great return for his courage and hard work.
Only a handful of English vocabulary (as seen on your left), fabric swatches, tape measure and a map was all he had in his pocket.



Mr. Andy Chan's trip to the USA was a great success. After a few trips, Mr. Andy Chan had finally saved up enough for his first shop. At that time, Hong Kong's economy was booming, with thousands of tourists and sailors landing there feet on Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour. It was the time when Mr. Andy Chan knew all his hard work was worthwhile.

Like Father Like son


After three decades of solid work, Mr. Andy Chan has successfully built his retail footprint and reputation from local to global, serving thousands of clients globally.
Mr. Andy Chan's outstanding contribution has gained approval among the industry. In the same year, he was nominated the Chairman of the Hong Kong Tailor association. Mr. Andy Chan has now shifted focus from his own business to public office issues, such as promoting the industry, organizing tailor academy and working closely with government authorities.

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