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Once In A Life Time Opportunity

The Derby

The Derby Race is a horse race restricted to horses four-years-old only.
Just like first impression, there is only once, our Derby suits are built for daily use, to grantee you are always in the best form when opportunity comes, whether you are having a meeting with clients, heading into an interview, or speak in front of a crowd, we make sure our armor resist any challenges with you no matter which battle field you are walking into.

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Classic Elegance


There is no better investment than into yourselves, especially into things that brought you success. Our Timeless collection is designed to reward yourselves after a long day, carefully put together with fine fabrics, it is dress to impress, at the same time subtle for daily use.

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Ultimate Master Piece

Grand Bespoke

Every sketch, cut and stitch has be repeatably practice over our tailor's carrier. Only the best selected fabric gets to combine with our prestige craftsmanship. Each tailor is in charge of the complete production process for each garment from creating paper pattern, cutting and sewing, every step is made only for you and only you. The Grand Bespoke collection, is the ultimate result of our legacy.

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Creating Moments and Memories


Although there are not a lot of reasons and occasions to put on a suit or even tuxedo beside work, but attending a ball and getting married is definitely one. Our Ballroom Collection not only grantee you look the best among everyone in special occasions , but also record the moment, with our fully customized lining, you will be able to design your own content, whether is an essay, image or a simple pledge.

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No Time To Chill

The Weekend

It's finally weekend, the last thing we need is a headache. Our The Weekend collection has been designed to safe you hassles, whether you are going for a date, sailing for some fresh air or casually chilling at the cafe, we make sure you look smart and charm without overdressing.

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