About Us

The Spirit of lion rock

As the first page of our family business dates back to a few decades ago, we deeply treasure some of the old values, especially the “Lion Rock Spirit” that has realised so many people’s dreams. It was all about sweat, toil and faith— we believe in the moral of hard work. All of our pieces are crafted by experience, confidence and love. There are no other ways to produce a good and solid piece of garment.

Hong Kong Tailors

We are proud to be Hong Kong tailors.
Some say that if you have never got a suit in Hong Kong, you had not been to Hong Kong.
As the industry representative, each year we showcase our garments and compete against other world-class tailors. It is our mission to let the world know about the beauty of Hong Kong made garments.

Our Heritage

Just like needles and threads, we are sewing and inheriting our craftsmanship and experience from generation to generation. Our product is the result of our persist strive of perfection.

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Founder Story

Born and raised in a third generation Hong Kong tailor family, educated in the United Kingdom. Fashion and design is in Mr. Hayman Chan's genes. Our brand and product is the picture of his ideal lifestyle.

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Our Mission

We want to share the art of tailoring, hand-crafted goods, and comfortable natural material with everyone. We believe every product should be designed and created with a purpose, and all of us should be able to express ourselves by having something unique and personally made.

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