Ermenegildo Zegna Light Weight Corduroy (Black)

Ermenegildo Zegna Light Weight Corduroy (Black)

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Cottons Plains & Corduroy 100% Cotton (gr300 - 10oz)

Cotton is very popular also in winter, above all by those who love the informal look for the smooth velvet or corduroy, and the partial moleskin.

The Ermenegildo Zenga selects the best cotton fabrics available on the market relying in the experience of its trustworthy suppliers, to offer its clientele a wide range of proposals for trousers. 

A new yarn-dyed velvet is proposed in a ribbed version as well as in a more structured interpretation for modern chinos. 

     Trousers Specification:

    • 100% Cotton, Italian Fabric Woven by Ermenegildo Zegna
    • 100% Hand Made
    • Neapolitan Waistband 
    • Slanted Pocket
    • Hand Stitched (Side, Pocket and Front Zipper Seam)

    Trousers Adjustable:

    • Plain Bottom Hem Or Turn Up
    • Back Pocket Style   
    • Extra Coin Pocket
    • Pleat Style 

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    Collection Design Inspiration

    Tribute to Mr. Chan Chi San

    Grand for the greatest and grandfather. Our brand would not exist without Mr. Chan Chi San, our Grand Bespoke Collection echos with Mr. Chan Chi San contribution to us, the brand and the industry. This is the ultimate tailoring experience for everyone who wish to 'wear a piece of art' completely finished by a single tailor with bare hands.