Cerruti Nobility 150's AAAAA (Grey with Blue Check)

Cerruti Nobility 150's AAAAA (Grey with Blue Check)

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Nobility Classic is the range of fancy fabrics designed by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti 1881 with special AAAAA Super 150’s wool. A raw material as fine as cashmere, if not even finer. The letter A; an old method of fibre qualification, refers to the length, luminosity and colour of the fibre.

The sheep in the state of Queesland in Australia that produce the category AAAAA wool wear a cape for their whole lives to protect their precious mantle from the aggressions of sun and rain. The result is a precious and rare material that is used to create soft fabrics with a special sheen and with a full handle.

Jacket Specification:
  • 100% Wool, Italian Fabric Woven by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti 1881
  • 100% Cupro, Japanese Bemberg Lining Woven by Asahi Kasei 
  • 100% Handmade
  • Milanese Buttonhole
  • Full-Canvas
  • Horn Buttons
  • Kissing Sleeve Buttons
  • Complimentary Monogram 

Jacket Adjustable: 

  • Jacket Style 
  • Lining Style
  • Vents Style
  • Lapel Style 
  • Pocket Style 

     Trousers Specification:

    • 100% Hand Made
    • Neapolitan Waistband 
    • Slanted Pocket
    • Hand Stitched (Side, Pocket and Front Zipper Seam)

    Trousers Adjustable:

    • Plain Bottom Hem Or Turn Up
    • Back Pocket Style   
    • Extra Coin Pocket
    • Pleat Style 

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    Collection Design Inspiration

    Tribute to Mr. Chan Chi San

    Grand for the greatest and grandfather. Our brand would not exist without Mr. Chan Chi San, our Grand Bespoke Collection echos with Mr. Chan Chi San contribution to us, the brand and the industry. This is the ultimate tailoring experience for everyone who wish to 'wear a piece of art' completely finished by a single tailor with bare hands.