Colombo Borgosesia Pure Cashmere (Ivory)

Colombo Borgosesia Pure Cashmere (Ivory)

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This precious fibre is obtained from the fleece of the Hircus goat, which has been bred by Asian populations for over 7,500 years in the most inaccessible areas of the Himalayas. Today this species can be found in the Xinjiang region as well as in Tibet and Mongolia.

The Hircus goat’s hair has been processed since the Great Mogul epoch. It can be white, the most valuable color, or various natural tones ranging from beige to brown.

The long and rough hair hides a soft, warm and precious undercoat called duvet. Such undercoat allows the animal to maintain steady and constant body temperature even in the cold climatic conditions of the Asiatic mountains. The duvet, gathered in Spring, is collected by combing the animal. Each goat produces a few ounces of fibres per year whose diameter is about 15 microns.

Jacket Specification:
  • 100% Wool, Italian Fabric Woven by Colombo Borgosesia
  • 100% Cupro, Japanese Bemberg Lining Woven by Asahi Kasei 
  • 100% Handmade
  • Milanese Buttonhole
  • Full-Canvas
  • Horn Buttons
  • Kissing Sleeve Buttons
  • Complimentary Monogram 

Jacket Adjustable: 

  • Jacket Style 
  • Lining Style
  • Vents Style
  • Lapel Style 
  • Pocket Style 


Collection Design Inspiration

Tribute to Mr. Chan Chi San

Grand for the greatest and grandfather. Our brand would not exist without Mr. Chan Chi San, our Grand Bespoke Collection echos with Mr. Chan Chi San contribution to us, the brand and the industry. This is the ultimate tailoring experience for everyone who wish to 'wear a piece of art' completely finished by a single tailor with bare hands.